About Us

At Evolve IT, we are more than just a technology company; we are pioneers of progress, dedicated to shaping the future through cutting-edge solutions and unmatched expertise. As a leading provider of IT services and solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering transformative results that drive our clients’ success. Our team of computer experts embodies the spirit of innovation, with diverse talents and specialized skills that span the entire spectrum of information technology. 

Our Vision

To define the standards of excellence, Efficiency, Execution, and Innovation within our markets – without Compromise.

Our Mission

With a continued and consistent evolving computer industry, we will through our People, Products and Partnerships – create real value for all those whom we serve, and consistently benchmark ourselves against global best practice to the benefit of all our stakeholders. Enabling people and business throughout the world to realize their full potential through technology.

Our Values

We operate within the realms of  integrity and honesty – this will define  our success. 

We are passionate about our customers, people, partners, products, and services – we strive for excellence in all these areas. 

We will be accountable to our customers, people, and partners for commitments, results, and quality.

We celebrate diversity, and acknowledge its contribution to our company, community and nation.

We deliver on promises – every time!

We celebrate success!


Our Team

At the forefront of innovation and problem-solving, our team of computer experts represents a diverse array of talents and skills, each member a pillar of excellence in the digital landscape.

 Led by Angela Strauss and Justin van der Westhuizen, our team boasts a wealth of experience and expertise.

 Collaboration is the cornerstone of our success, as we leverage our collective wisdom and ingenuity to tackle challenges head-on. 

  But perhaps our greatest strength lies in our unwavering commitment to continuous learning and growth. In a field where change is the only constant, we embrace challenges as opportunities for personal and professional development, fueling our passion for innovation and discovery.

 Together, we are not just a team of computer experts—we are architects of the future, shaping the computer world one breakthrough at a time.