Keychron Q3 80% Kailh Clione Limacina Switches Aluminium RGB Wired Keyboard – Black


Upgrade your setup with the Keychron Q3 80% Aluminum RGB Wired Keyboard in Black, featuring Kailh Clione Limacina switches, an 80% layout, and customizable RGB lighting for optimal performance and style.

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Experience the epitome of typing perfection with the meticulously crafted Keychron Q3- M12Z mechanical keyboard. Designed with Kailh Clione Limacina switches for a better typing experience and industrial-style OSA profile transparent keycaps for the ideal backlight effect, the Keychron Q3 looks just as fantastic and distinctive in the boardroom as it does in the office.

No matter what your passion may be, be it gaming, programming, or writing, the Keychron Q3 is equipped with an array of exceptional features that are specifically designed to enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. With its impressive capabilities, this cutting-edge device empowers you to accomplish your tasks with remarkable speed and efficiency. With its exceptional premium quality, rest assured that your keyboard is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring years of reliable performance.

The body of this exceptional piece is meticulously fashioned from high-quality 6063 aluminium. Through a series of intricate manufacturing stages, including CNC machining, polishing, anodizing, and sandblasting, the metal undergoes a transformative journey. Each step is carefully executed, resulting in a stunning work of art that is truly unparalleled in its craftsmanship. The meticulous focus on even the smallest elements is readily apparent in the flawlessly crafted and robust structure. Moreover, its sleek lines have been meticulously designed to captivate and engage the observer, making it an irresistible visual attraction.


  • Includes keyboard PCB, the case, and the steel plate
  • Industrial-style OSA transparent keycaps
  • Kailh Clione Limacina Switches
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • CNC Aluminium Body
  • Double Gasket Design
  • South Facing RGB
  • Hot-Swappable Keys


  • Keycaps: Double-shot PBT keycaps, not shine-through, OSA Profile (OEM height, SA shape)
  • MCU: Ultra-low-power Arm Cortex-M4 32-bit STM32L432 (128KB Flash)
  • Switches:  Kailh Clione Limacina CLEAR
  • Backlight: South-facing RGB LED
  • Switch Support: Hot-swappable (5 pin & 3 pin)
  • Stabs: Screw-in PCB stabs
  • Connectivity: Type-C
  • Cable: Type-C cable + Type-A to Type-C adapter
  • Operating Environment: -10℃ to 50℃
  • Body Material: Full CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Plate Material: Steel
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz


  • Keychron Q3- M12z RGB Mechanical Keyboard Clear Switches – Black x1

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