Redragon’s Shrapnel RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard brings a subtle change to the standard for mechanical keyboards by utilising a lower profile and more slim design. Its double-injection keycaps are 30% lower in height than normal and lit up by dynamic RGB backlighting with multiple modes and profiles. This mechanical keyboard has anti-ghosting for all of its 104 keys and it comes with high-quality OUTEMU red switches.

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Introducing the REDRAGON SHRAPNEL RGB Mechanical Gaming Keypad – Black, the ultimate weapon for gamers seeking precision, speed, and customization. This compact yet powerful keypad is designed to give you the edge in any game, offering responsive mechanical switches, customizable RGB lighting, and programmable keys, all in an ergonomic design.

High-Quality Mechanical Switches

The REDRAGON SHRAPNEL is equipped with premium mechanical switches that provide tactile feedback and exceptional durability. Each keystroke is registered with precision, ensuring swift and accurate responses during intense gaming sessions. These high-performance switches are built to withstand millions of key presses, making them ideal for gamers who demand reliability and longevity.

Dynamic RGB Backlighting

Customize your gaming environment with vibrant RGB backlighting. The SHRAPNEL keypad offers a full spectrum of colors and multiple lighting effects, allowing you to create a personalized gaming setup that stands out. The customizable lighting not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves visibility in low-light conditions, helping you maintain peak performance at all times.

Programmable Keys for Customization

With 7 programmable keys, the SHRAPNEL keypad lets you assign complex macros and commands, streamlining your gameplay. Whether you need quick access to frequently used actions or intricate multi-key combinations, the programmable keys provide the flexibility to optimize your gaming strategy and improve your efficiency.

Ergonomic and Compact Design

Designed for comfort and convenience, the SHRAPNEL keypad features an ergonomic layout that reduces hand fatigue during prolonged use. Its compact size ensures that all essential keys are within easy reach, allowing for quick and effortless execution of commands. The keypad’s durable construction guarantees it can handle the rigors of intense gaming, making it a reliable choice for serious gamers.


  • 104-Key keyboard with anti-ghosting
  • OUTEMU Red switches
  • Low profile keyboard with 30% lower key height
  • Double-injection keycaps
  • Dynamic RGB backlighting


  • Layout: QWERTY
  • Size: 104 keys Full Size
  • Keycaps: Double-injection
  • Switches: OUTEMU Red Mechanical
  • Resistances: Spill-proof
  • Weight: 990.6g
  • Dimensions: 45.8 x 33.3 x 18 cm

What’s In The Box:

  • Redragon Shrapnel RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Black x1
  • Keycap Puller – Red x1
  • User Manual x1

Additional information

Weight 1,133 kg
Dimensions 44 × 3 × 16 cm

18 Months


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